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Policy and company standards

The expertise acquired over the years by Primewood Lumber is portrayed through a constant care for quality at all levels of production. At Primewood Lumber , we use the techniques and competence of our employees to follow a strict classification process that respects the regulations of the N.H.L.A. ( National Hardwood Lumber Association ) and other special classifications.


In an effort to ensure , to purchasers , quality wood products that are produced in a reliable manner , Primewood Lumber commits to respecting a code of conduct in regards to the environment , the origin and legality of the wood , phytosanitary measures , transportation , working conditions and classification regulations for hardwood lumber.

At Primewood Lumber , we do everything in our power to make sure that our sources of supply and production methods will in no way harm animal and plant life.

As a result of these company policies , we have been able to source suppliers and are now able to count on their commitments in preserving our natural resources.

We procure our hardwood from designated regions , particularly the Appalachian and the Northern regions. We , therefore , limit the exploited regions while ensuring better control over the choice of our suppliers. In addition , the Provinces or States where we get our supplies from , have set regulations that Forestry Producers must respect , thereby contributing to the global effort.

Primewood Lumber is also a member of Q-WEB ( Quebec Wood Export Bureau ) , an organisation dedicated to promoting Quebec wood products in international markets.

Since november 29 / 2006 , Primewood Lumber has made a commitment to respect a strict code of conduct regarding the legality and the origin of its wood.

Whether it is a single bundle or a full cargo load , our customers can be assured that their order will be prepared and delivered with respect to their needs and directives.


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